THE ZUGSPITZE - A Mountain of Contrasts

Television Nature Documentary 

Concept and Scriptwriter: Peter Thomsen
Director and Cinematographer: Wolfgang Thaler
Sound Technician: Christian Mangold
Editorial Assistant: Mario Hopfgartner
Film Editor: Christine Öllinger
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta (also filmed on Super-16 and HDV) * 16:9 * 52 and 45 minutes.
Projected completion: Beginning of 2007

A co-production of the ORF, WDR, the Austrian Ministry of Education and WEGA Film, with support from RTR and Cine Tyrol.


The Zugspitz region is a study in sharp contrasts: partly an idyllic jewel set in a grand background of mountains, and partly a landscape sorely strained by the 700,000 tourists who annually climb the local summits. Nowhere else in the Alps has a mountain been so consequently used for mass tourism.