ARE CHILDREN A LUXURY?: On the Desire and Burden of Being a Parent

Television Documentary * Current Affairs 

Scriptwriter: Peter Thomsen
Director: Elisabeth Scharang
Cinematographer: Klaus Achter
Sound Technician: Norbert Becwar
Film Editor: Christine Öllinger
Production Coordinator: Maria Motter
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta * 16:9 * 45 Minutes

Produced for the ORF


A cell phone, expensive brand products, and expensive leisure activities….for many school-age children these things are taken as givens. Many parents no longer know how to deal with their children´s desire for luxury items. Conversely, some couples spend fortunes to become parents. Who can afford children in this day and age? This film addresses this question and at the same time reflects on the value which children have in contemporary society.