Television Nature Documentary 

Concept: Hartmut Schwenk
Scriptwriters: Herbert Habersack, Hartmut Schwenk
Director: Herbert Habersack
Cinematographer: Sepp Neuper
Sound Technician: Joe Knauer
Film Editor: Martin Biribauer
Production Coordinator: Patrick Nothdurft
Production Manager: Jan Bullerdieck
Executive Manager: Christian Hünemörder

FORMAT: HDTV * 16:9 * 3 x 52 Minutes
Completion Date: July 2007

A co-production of SCHWENK Film (Stuttgart), SWR/ARD, France 5, S4C (Britain) and WEGA Film. With support from four film funds: RTR Austria, Media Plus from the EU, MFG Baden-Württemberg and the film fund of the French region of Rhone-Alpes.


The present and future of the Alps as a place to live: that is the central focus of this three-part television documentary. Conceived as a road movie, a camera crew accompanies the well-known mountaineer Reinhold Messner to some of the most spectacular sights the Alps have to offer, from France to Slovenia.

It took two-and-a-half years to develop and finance this three-part documentary. 16 international partners are involved with this project. WEGA Film is one of five co-producers. The initiator of the project is SCHWENK film from Stuttgart.