LIVING WITH NATURE: The Everyday Life of an Organic Farmer

Television Documentary * Current Affairs 

Scriptwriter and Director: Manfred Corrine
Cinematographer: Christian Giesser, Franz Riess
Sound Technician: Thomas Föger, Joachim Hausleitner, Hans Schranz
Film Editor: Alarich Lenz
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta 16:9 * 45 Minutes


A co-production of the ORF, the Austrian Ministry of Education and WEGA Film, with the support of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Cine Styria.

An extended portrait of an organic farmer from the Austrian state of Styria: for three-quarters of a year, a film crew followed the activities of an organic farmer and his five-member family. The result is a multi-faceted documentary about five people who try, day after day, to live in harmony with nature.