LAKE CONSTANCE: The Blue Soul of Europe

Television * Nature Documentary 

Concept: Peter Thomsen
Scriptwriter and Director: Alfred Vendl
Cinematographer: Harald Mittermüller
Sound Technician: Christian Stolz
Film Editor: Roland Buzzi
Music: Alexander Bresgen
Production Coordinator: Eva Gressel
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta * 16:9 * 52 and 45 Minutes

A co-production of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, West German Broadcasting (WDR), the Austrian Ministry of Education, and WEGA Film.


With the Alps as an imposing backdrop, Lake Constance looks like a placid pool. Europe´s third-largest lake produces a Mediterranean climate which is favourable to unique forms of wildlife. This region, which connects three countries, is, with its varieties of people, landscapes and atmospheres, a rich study in contrasts unlike almost any other place in Europe. Lake-hills-mountains: these three types of landscapes are contrasted against each other throughout the film.