Love Affairs and Marriage Business

Seasons 18–23 

DIRECTOR Elizabeth T. Spira
CAMERA Josef Neuper, Stephan Mussil, Martin Stoni, Robert Neumüller
SOUND Hans Schranz
EDITORIAL STAFF Natalie Wimberger, Stefanie Speiser
EDITORS Tanja Lesowsky, Claudia Linzer
PRODUCER Peter Thomsen

LENGTH yearly 10 episodes each 45 minutes
PRODUCED from 2013 to 2019

Produced for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)


Love Affairs and Marriage Business is a TV format that tries to bring people together. Elizabeth T. Spira approaches single people in search of a partner, and in the program the candidates have the opportunity to present themselves, expressing their desire for a new partner for life.

In Austria this series has achieved cult status; it is shown by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation during the summer months, and for the last 20 years it has achieved top ratings with over a million viewers.