Charlie Chaplin - the man who wished to remain a European

History (in preproduction) 

FORMAT Digi-Beta • 16:9 • ca. 80 Minutes


the central question of this project is why it was so important for Chaplin not to officially become an American. Throughout his life, he defined himself has a European.
It was not only his obvious love-hate relationship with the United States, he had much closer social contacts with Europeans than Americans. Chaplin's political views often stood counter to official American "values". This was made clear in his later films, such as Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Monsieur Verdoux and A King in New York, parts of which will be used to highlight this documentary. The film documents Charlie Chaplin less as an American film discovery, rather as the passionate European and world citizen that he was who happened to find success in the U.S.